Where Can I get Help?

We like to help our clients, so we offer free support at our User Support Forum, through online help sites and email. We always strive to answer and solve any issues you might have in a timely manner. If you look at the top of this page, you will see a "Support" menu item along with submenu's such as the support forum link, demo sites and our online help websites. You may also use our feedback or contact form with any questions you may have

When contacting us for support, please try to give as much information as possible (such as script license key for licensed scripts to identify you), page name with the problem, any error messages and what you were doing when the issue popped up, or a link to the page that is showing an error ect.


Can You Install It For Me?

No problem! An option for pro installation is available below each product and is only $35.00. Please note that this only installs the site and default database and not a custom database. Nor does installation include customizing your host's server or settings (for example setting up ioncube). Since we will need access to your hosting account, please send us (at your convenience) the User/pass for both FTP and your cpanel (or whatever program your host uses to manage the databases).

We also have options below of some products to convert databases from other scripts to ours. We can convert all Article Friendly scripts to the latest version, Article Beach and Article Dashbord to our Article Publishing scripts!


Can I Install In A Sub domain, Add-on Domain Or Subdirectory?

Yes, you can. Our scripts can be installed without any problem using any of those options.

If I Change Hosts, Can I Move my purchase(s)?

Yes, you can move both licensed and unlicensed scripts to a new host. For licensed scripts, you will need to login to your client account (on the index page) and choose to reset the license for your new host, then login to your admin section to make the script record your new location. A tutorial on how to do this exactly is at Jansmart.net help site


Do I Pay Extra For Support?

Never! As long as you use our scripts, support is always free.


Will I Pay Extra For Updates?

Not a chance. Updates are free for life. This does not include a major version change tho, but Article Friendly script owners always get major version changes for 1/2 price. Even if you don't upgrade to a new version, you still get updates free for life.


Are Your Scripts Encoded?

None of the Front End files are encoded in any way, so you can change them or add to them with no problem. The Admin Files are encode with ioncube for your protection and ours. Some scripts are not encoded at all and you can see in the product details if it's a licensed script or not before purchasing.

How Do I Get Updates?

In the admin section homepage is a link to check for updates in AF Pro and AF Ultimate. If one is available, you simply download it, and follow the instructions to update your site. Othewise, you will be notified where on the support forum to download updates for our other scripts. NOTICE!! We will NEVER send you an email link to download anything. Updates will always be on the support forum.


How Many Domains Can I Install Your licensed scripts?

All of our licensed scripts are single domain license. Most of our users though need several AF sites, so additional licenses are just $25.00 per new domain. You can purchase additional domain licenses through your client area (where you originally downloaded your purchase(s).


What Are The Requirements For Your Scripts?


  • Lamp System (linux, Apache Server, Mysql & Php). Windows servers not guaranteed.

  • Php Version 4 or greater.

  • Ioncube enabled for admin files. Most hosts have this enabled by default.

  • Mod_rewrite for SEF URLS. Most hosts have this enabled by default.

  • FTP Client (to upload files and edit them).

  • webpage or Text editor to edit files (Yes, even notepad will work!).

You can download the test script to verify if your hosting meets the requirements.

Who's to Blame?

  • All scripts created by Jan Michaels. I am available for custom php/mysql work. Please use the contact form for estimates.

  • Updates and addons for any script are always FREE! 3rd party addons or templates may cost as the owner chooses.

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